Jeff 's 50th B-day Slide show this weekend

At The Youth Hostel Fort WardenPot-Luck at 6pm Slide show at 7pm

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Beware: This is a 16 min Movie w/ plenty of good Music !

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Nothong but LOVE this weekend!!!

Jeff 's 50th B-day Slide show this weekend

At The Youth Hostel Fort Warden

Pot-Luck at 6pm Slide show at 7pm


New 6 week photoshop Class series TBA soon...

Thanks to all who came and had a full evening of ORBS!!!


For info Call Jeff at: 360/ 385-5825

Be sure to bring your digital camera for a live Orb demo!!!!!

Thank You All Who showed!!!

Dj Jeffy Fresh is cooking

some new goodies...

Fresh mmm

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Dj Jeffy Fresh at Earthday Port Townsend

click to see U-Tube of us at Earthday PT.

Thanks to everyone who supports PTCD all year round..

Thanks to "Lindy James"

Thanks to Mikiya my Sweetie...

Thanks to all of the Dancers!!!



We Are Looking forward to the return of

Linc w/ (Tone Of Peace) & World Music Boogie...

Thanks to Linc for a fun Boogies this past year...

5 rhythms Dance Workshop w/ Michael Molin-Skelton is not booked yet....

Do not miss this opportunity to Dance with the Master.

See you there...

PS: This is a Alcohol and Smoke-Free Dance...

Coming Soon!!! World Music w/ Linc + Mirimba Live !!!

TBA: "Salsa Saturday"

Get Ready for Marimba Saturday... Every 3rd Saturday--- Featuring Linc and his very new Band...

Bring Kids, Drums and lots "O" Love...!

Salsa Saturdays will be Grooving soon in 2008!

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6 Week Photoshop Class... Next Class Coming soon!!!